Fighting the cold, inside and out.

It. Is. So cold outside!

Because of this, we all get prone to colds and even the winter blues. How do we fight this?

As you all know, Karishma here, likes to take the holistic approach. We’re gonna hit how to fight the cold using your mind, remedies for your body, and your spirit.

It’s easy for your mind to get stuck in a rut when it’s gloomy and cold outside.

One easy way to help fight this is literally talking yourself out of it, or saying a mantra. Tell yourself that you won’t let something as mundane as the weather have this much of an impact on you.

It is important to keep your mind stimulated and active. Simple things like coloring, reading, Sudoku, or just having a great conversation can keep you distracted and keep things rolling.

Find websites online that help in acting as a brain gym. Last, SMILE. “Fake it till you make it” is a real thing! Once your brain picks up signals that you are smiling, even if you’re not feeling it, you will trigger parts of your brain that are associated with happy feelings, since you are expressing the physiological motion of happiness.

When your body feels like a log… simply go back to basics.

A lot of undergrads will take general psychology as a general education requirement. One of the most iconic things we learn in that class is Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. It looks something like this;


Image result for maslow's hierarchy of needs

Homeostasis means that your body is at equilibrium. This is the most important and most basic foundation of your life. Without a healthy and happy body, you can’t move up the pyramid and progress as a person.

So let’s take a take a look! What are basic needs? Right away, we can say food, water, sleep, and breathing. Nourish yourself with food that is intelligent and has live enzymes. This means eat food with information, like live, uncooked (depending) plants. Eat all the colors of the rainbow. Eat only when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full . Sleep when tired, and stay hydrated. Keep yourself moving to release endorphins- happy hormones.

And in the end… teas solve everything.

Keep that spirit spirited!

What does that even mean?! What in the world is  your spirit? It is that feeling inside of you that keeps you happy, motivated, and excited about things. It is hard to stay bright when it is gloomy and cold outside.

Cultivate your own source of energy. No sunlight? Surround yourself with bright, and/or yellow things, wear bright clothes, eat colorful foods to ensure your nourishment. Surround yourself with foliage to feel refreshed.

What gets you excited? What’s stopping you from doing it? No motivation, huh? Nah. You’re thinking too much. Get up like a robot, don’t think, and just DO. Do something new, do something that makes you happy.

Last, if you’ve made it this far, you get a special nugget of knowledge.

Practice gratitude. Give back, and look around at how many great things you have around you. How far up the pyramid are you? Not far? That’s okay, you at least have the chance to progress upwards and grow.

Never forget how lucky you are.

C’est la vie,



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