The Inspirations

The Little Things

How many times have you woke up one morning to see that there’s another earthquake, shooting, missing child, or something that wracks your nerves and breaks your heart? Too many, right? What’s sad is that this kind of controversy exists everywhere, and worse, in our daily lives.

When I see this, it makes me feel ineffective and helpless.

It’s in our gentle human nature to want to help the animal on the ASPCA commercial, or all of the children in need in different parts of the world. And of course there’s plenty of ways to do it. But it can get overwhelming, right?

“Well, how am I supposed to help a situation that’s so much bigger than me?” You ask.

Have you ever watched a drip of water break into the surface of a still lake? What does it do?

It ripples out to the far corners of the lake.

Similarly, if you do something, just one small thing, it will make quite an impact. That one act of kindness will splash over all the rocks in its wake, and keep on impacting others. Kind of like doing a friend a favor, then paying it forward.

For example, as you walk out of the coffee shop you frequent on mornings, you see a young woman with sunglasses on, a backpack, hair up in a bun, a sweatshirt, and her head facing down, while clutching a notebook to her chest.

Instead of walking out the other side of the door, you decide to hold it open for her. Even though you still may be grumpy and tired (the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet), you do it anyway. She half-smiles, mutters a “thank you” and walks inside.


Were you expecting a miracle story? Me too! Keep following my posts to see what happens!

I want to point out that you are awesome and a well-intending person for doing this. But to keep things real, this isn’t a perfect world, so not all your kindness will instantly come to fruition. But keep going and things will unequivocally work out for the best.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to mention that things also take time. A lot of small things; smiles, gestures, hugs, songs, laughter, finding a really cool pen – are the all the fine details that paint a beautiful picture that is your life.

All the small acts of kindness, the perfectly timed ray of sunshine for a picture, the rain that canceled your plans but turned it into a deep conversation with a good friend… All these little things are what makes life so great.

My hope with this website is that with no matter what walk of life you are, you can take away something that will shape you into a better person. Big, or small, it’s all part of the journey.

A ton of little things, a ton of little people, one big journey.

 Starting with you.

One little post at a time.

(Director, creator, superhero)



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